How do I add my Personal Accident Insurance to my affiliation?

Personal Accident Insurance is part of the Club Affiliation process, where Clubs renew their membership to Birmingham FA each year.

Every team within your Club must be covered by Personal Accident Insurance and this is mandatory for all football, including both youth and adult teams.

If you choose to go with an insurance provider other than Sportsguard, please upload your Personal Accident Policy on Step 5 of the Club Affiliation form on the Whole Game System.


If you would like to go with Sportsguard, your policy can be purchased on  Step 6 of your Club Affiliation form. Please ensure you select ONE policy option for your Club on this page and include ALL teams in the selected option.

Select the 'HIGHLY RECOMMENDED OPTIONAL EXTENSION' for ALL TEAMS if required - this is not mandatory and Clubs can choose their level of cover.


Please note, this will need to be completed in order to complete your Club Affiliation.

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